Football in Whitehouse ISD of Whitehouse, Texas: Go Wildcats!

  • The Whitehouse ISD Wildcats football team knows how to play great football
  • Whitehouse ISD installed a new electronic scoreboard, so football fans can follow the game better
  • When it comes to football, the team at Whitehouse ISD has the support of the entire school

Football is a sport that is closely followed and very popular in Texas, and this is really true at Whitehouse ISD. The Whitehouse ISD Wildcats are a team of players known for their can do attitude and love of the game, and when this team plays the sports fans come out in large numbers to watch. The school recently invested in a new electronic football scoreboard 3880, to encourage the Wildcats to play their best and update the facilities with the latest technology. This is not the only school in Texas, or across the country, to install new electronic scoreboards either, and this step can offer many advantages to the athletic program and the school. The one installed at Whitehouse ISD is a large thirty six feet wide by ten feet high, and the colors of all aspects can be customized and coordinated to match the school or team colors. Sports fans will travel from far away to watch football games at a facility that is modern, with new up to date equipment. More visitors attending means more income generated for the team, the athletic department, and the school, so everyone wins. The new scoreboard is very visible, and can be read clearly from all the way across the field. This makes it much more convenient and easier on the sports fans, and if they have a good time they will be back again. The Whitehouse ISD Wildcats are a team that brings in crowds, and the new equipment and improvements made by the school will make the experience much better for the fans and the players. When the stands are packed the team is more likely to give the game everything they have, and at this high school the students and sports fans are not shy about their loyalty, shouting and stomping at times to motivate the players to victory.

The Whitehouse ISD Wildcats have big ambitions when it comes to football, and the team plays very well together, without any problems or difficulties. This school has an excellent sports program, and this includes the football division. These Texas wildcats have hearts as big as a lions, and they play the game of football as if it were personal. They may not have made it to being state champions in the last few seasons, but it definitely was not because of a lack of hard work. Next season the team should do even better, lighting up the scoreboards like the sky on the Fourth of July, and they may go even higher. The support of the school and the student body makes a big difference, giving the Wildcats even more motivation to go the distance and seize victory.

Football in Texas is considered a serious subject, and a stop at any high school or college football game in the state will reveal hundreds of fans, sometimes thousands, all in the stands to watch the teams play. The new scoreboard at the Whitehouse ISD is a big plus as far as the players and the sports fans who attend the games are concerned. The biggest attraction is watching the Wildcats play the game and cheering with excitement, but a facility and field that is modern and comfortable will help attract more people, and more spending at the football games. Fans will have a much better time, and bigger crowds mean more school spirit to help push the team closer to victory. For a high school football program to be successful, the team needs to know that the school is behind them. With the Whitehouse ISD Wildcats football team, this is apparent.

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