Football at Northeast High School of Laurel, MS: Go Tigers!

The Northeast High School Tigers really love football and it shows.
The Tigers of Laurel, Mississippi are raring to go when it comes to football, and it has paid off in the last few seasons.
Northeast High School installed a new football scoreboard to motivate the Tigers even more, and bring in more revenue and visitors.

The Northeast High School Tigers football team in Laurel, Mississippi, is a team that really knows how to play the game. In the last few seasons the football team has played very well, and the crowds have come to their feet more than once in excitement while the scoreboards go crazy and the other team is held off. The last season for the team was one that was very promising, with a large number of wins and some very entertaining games. Northeast High School recently installed a new electronic Football Scoreboard 3530, to take advantage of the benefits that this equipment offers while showing support for the athletic department and football team at the same time. The Tigers won the first game of the last season, with a final score of twenty eight to seven against Gulfport. The next game, which was against Harrison Central, was a loss for Northeast High School with the scoreboard showing two to fourteen. In the beginning of the season the Tigers seemed to alternate between wins and losses, but as the season wore on the team picked up some momentum. The game against Vancleave was a big win, with an astounding final score showing of twenty five to nothing.

The Tigers lost by a single point to Quitman at fourteen to fifteen, and then they picked up some speed. Northeast High School won the next two football games, against opponent South Jones at thirty to six and opposing team West Jones at thirty five to sixteen. Out of the last seven games of the season, the Tigers won five and lost two. The game against Wayne County was a devastating loss, with the scoreboards recording the final score of three to thirty five. This was definitely not one of the best games by the team. For the next five games the Tigers were on a winning streak, and player confidence was high. In the game against Laurel, the team from Northeast High School completely stopped them. The final score showed twenty seven to zero, with the Tigers preventing even a single point made by the opposing players. The same was true against Moss Point, with the tigers winning ten to zip. When Northeast Lauderdale played, the final score was twenty four to thirteen with Northeast High School winning the match. Cleveland lost their game against this school as well, with the Tigers leading twenty seven to seven. The last game of the season was a loss to D’Iberville, and the final score was twenty one to forty two.

Many high schools and colleges have been installing new scoreboards and other athletic equipment, as well as making improvements to their sports facilities. The new football scoreboard that was installed at Northeast High School is not responsible for all of the wins that the Tigers have seen in the last few seasons, but it does offer some advantages to the football team, the school, and the sports fans. Improving the equipment and facilities make the school more attractive to visitors and students both. The new scoreboard is very visible from anywhere on the field or in the bleachers, making it much easier to see and follow the game. Increased game attendance and revenue are both effects that new equipment can have, and sports fans will travel much farther to watch football in a modern facility with the latest technology and equipment. The Tigers football team can really draw in a crowd to watch them play, and the new scoreboard and other facility improvements just makes this even easier for the team to do. The Northeast High School Tigers are ready to go.

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