Dodge County High School Football. Go Indians!!!

At first glance, you might think Eastman Georgia is just one of those lovely small Georgia towns that is so well known for friendliness and southern charm. Lined with pecan orchards and beautiful views, it is picturesque and peaceful. While this is completely true, there is another important aspect of Eastman Georgia that simply cannot be overlooked: Dodge County High School Football; where the Indians reign supreme.

Eastman Georgia started out as just part of the warm and appealing Georgia countryside, where the Uplands Hotel vacation spot existed. Named after Mr. William Pitt Eastman, who donated the first school to the area and even hired and paid for the first tutor. Eastman is very history conscious and has preserved the original Eastman jailhouse along with the area where Stuckeys first grew their pecans that started their pecan log rolls. Downtown Eastman is a picture of beauty, unique shops and history. But as soon as you blink, you enter the fast paced world of avionics at the Middle Georgia College Aviation Campus. Eastman Georgia is a world of diverse extremes, from old southern history to the newest technology.

The Dodge County High School Football team has proudly earned the 3AA Standings. The school spirit of the Indians spreads like a fever throughout the town. You can tell when a football game is close at hand. The are getting checked with new sponsor names and logos added, the school begins the rush of excitement for an impending game and the town joins in the electric pitch to support their team.

If you are in Eastman Georgia during one of the games, you had better be attending as a fan. Walk onto the field and you will hear the enthusiasm before you see it. Students and parents dash glances between the field and the football scoreboards to get minute by minute updates. Sponsor names and information flash and you are dazzled by the colors and lights. School staff can always be seen at the games and sometimes they are more electric than the students themselves!
Your opinion is immediately changed from viewing Eastman Georgia as a small southern town with humble roots into believing that this could be one of the best football games you have ever attended! Eastman Georgia and the Dodge County High School Football team might as well be the Super Bowl. People are sending text messages to friends and fans who couldn’t attend and cell phone pictures capture every play to be uploaded to the net.

There is absolutely no doubt about whose team you had better be routing for, because the people of Eastman support their football team on a level that is rarely seen anywhere else. Colors abound, cheering is raised to levels of frenzy and the team knows that they have the entire town supporting them. You will find yourself yelling Go Indians!

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