Dade County High School in Trenton, GA. Spring Means Softball!

In Trenton Georgia, you had better be a fan of The Wolverines, because in this place – they rule! You won’t have any doubt, because everywhere you look you will find the maroon and gold colors of Dade County High School. This may be a small town, but there is nothing small about their attitude about sports and baseball. This is part of the Trenton way of life.

Trenton was originally called Salem in the 1830’s. It was later renamed Trenton after the industrial engineers that arrived from Trenton, New Jersey in search of iron and coal. A comfortable slice of America, Trenton reflects everything good about the south. Friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery are just two of the reasons people love living in Trenton. Every year they host the Dade County Days in May where you will taste some of the best food in existence and see wonderful crafts and entertainment.

The students at Dade County High School follow the guidelines of learning as well as sports. Excellence in sportsmanship was proven when The Boys Golf Team finished third in the AA State Tournament. The schedule and results of their track teams can be viewed online with Wolf Track on the school website. They participate in literary events and the arts. Many students placed in the top ten at the TSA State Conference. The kids and teachers work hard to show that they are the best.

Dade County High School and the residents of Trenton have a true love of baseball. At any softball game, you will see just about everyone from town showing up in the bleachers. It is a reason to get together and to check out the baseball scoreboards to see who is supporting the team. As in many towns, softball is their American sport. It is not uncommon to see fellow students and various members of the school staff cheering the team on. Parental involvement is very big at Dade County High School, so many of the parents attend the games. The teams know that they are supported by the kids and the town of Trenton, and this spurs them on to play their best. Every game is an event, with focus on the play as well as the baseball scoreboards so that they don’t miss a thing. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of weather condition exists for a game. If the players can play, the fans are there. Whether it’s a home game or away, everyone coordinates to make sure they won’t miss anything. In case they do, there are lots of cell phone pictures and text messaging to keep everyone in tune with each homerun.

Trenton Georgia is a town that anyone would be proud to call their own hometown and Dade County High School has made it’s presence known in academia as well as sports. This is truly a location that shines as part of Americana and their love for learning and baseball.

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