Bulloch Academy Statesboro, GA: Gator Baseball Glory

Bulloch Academy, situated in Statesboro, Georgia, is a school well known for glory when it comes to baseball. The team, named the Gators, has performed very well in past years, and the school is a top transfer pick for high school athletes. The school recently installed a new electronic LED Baseball Scoreboard 1260, and the effect this has had on the baseball players and sports fans has been amazing. Scoreboards are used by fans to track the game, keep track of the important facts and stats, and determine exactly what has happened until a specific point. Installing a new one was a great way for Bulloch Academy to motivate the players and push them to further success. This also has the effect of motivating the sports fans and visitors as well, so the school spirit and enthusiasm is at a higher level. More revenue is generated at the games, because there are more visitors who pay to get in and then make purchases. In years past the Gator baseball team was known as one of the best in the area, even the state at times. Bulloch Academy has a long tradition of baseball glory, and the school is making every effort to continue this tradition.

Bulloch Academy Gator baseball glory has been a tradition here, starting in 1982. The team won the title of State Champions in 1982 and 1984, and they were named Regional Champions for six years in a row, starting with the year 1986 through the year 1991, as well as being the Regional Champions for the year 1982. The Bulloch Academy baseball team was named State Runners-up in the years 1989 and 1991 as well. In 2004 and 2005 the team advanced to the Elite Eight as well, adding even more to the baseball glory of the school. Here at Bulloch Academy activity and team sports are encouraged, as a way to keep students healthy and physically fit, and the baseball team is a popular way for students to do this. For the last three seasons, the team has not done so well, ending the season with more losses than wins.

Hopefully the new baseball scoreboards that were installed, and other improvements made, will turn this around and bring back the glory days for baseball at Bulloch Academy. The school and the team have made a tremendous effort to increase the successes that the baseball team has seen recently, and this effort will start to pay off soon.

Bulloch Academy is a private school with a baptist affiliation, and it is one that comes highly recommended. This is for the academics as much as it is for the athletics, but a big draw is the baseball team, in part due to the past glory of the Gators. Before the new scoreboard was installed sports fans would drive across the state to watch the Gators play baseball, and since the installation fans are drawn from even further. Attendance at the games is increasing, and this will only get better in the future. This school has a baseball history and team to be proud of, and many of the players go on to college and play baseball there. With all of the accomplishments and successes that the baseball program at Bulloch Academy has seen, investing in new equipment makes sense from every aspect. Fans from all around the diamond will be able to clearly see the scores and details, making the game much more exciting and easier to follow. The Gators baseball glory is not over with at Bulloch Academy yet, and it is only a matter of time before the baseball team brings it back.

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