Basketball Team of Bethesda School Savannah, Georgia Was a State Runner-Up in 2009

The Bethesda School, located in Savannah, Georgia, has recently had a great deal of success when it comes to their basketball team. At this school basketball is so popular that the school had a new Basketball Scoreboard 2570 installed, to show the team that the entire school is behind them. The season started with a forty six to seventy eight loss against Urban Christian Academy, a school that is also in Savannah, Georgia. In the following game against Providence Christian Academy from Lilburn, GA, Bethesda really lit up the scoreboards with a seventy two to fourteen win. Apparently that first loss was a great motivator, because for the following twenty games the team won, which was why they made State Runner Up. The game against Hilton Head Prep was close, with Bethesda winning by a single point in a final score of fifty seven to fifty six. In the game against Pinecrest Academy the scoreboards were going crazy, and Bethesda won with an amazing one hundred and eleven points to sixty six points for Pinecrest. They also won the game against Berean Baptist Academy with a forty point lead, for a total score of eighty seven to forty seven.

New electronic basketball scoreboards are a great way to reward the your baseball team for all of their hard work and success, and an excellent way for the school to draw in more sports fans and visitors as well. This is exactly what Bethesda School did.

Since the year 2003 the basketball team at the school has been very successful, and they have built a large following of fans and supporters. This enthusiasm and team spirit has help the team play even more effectively, leading them to greater heights. During the season there were a few games that were close, such as the one against Urban Christian Academy, where Bethesda only won by four points. The basketball team also had a few losses that were extremely close, like the one against First Presbyterian Christian Academy where the final score was seventy three to seventy four. The team went on to play the State Championship game at Georgia College and State University against First Presbyterian Christian Academy, where Bethesda lost with a score of sixty three to seventy seven. The team may not have won the State Championship, but they came in as the runner up, and that is an honor in itself.

When it comes to basketball, Bethesda School has had a streak of winning and accomplishments that makes other schools take notice. The improvements the school has made, including a new scoreboard, has made the school a big hit with players and sports fans alike. New equipment will also help generate more money for the school, because the attendance at the sporting events is higher and more fans spend money to get in, have refreshments, and buy souvenirs or other memorabilia. The increased revenue benefits the school, the players, and the fans because it is used to make more improvements. The final stats for the basketball season were twenty nine wins to two losses, and that shows a team which is both talented and motivated, and the school plays a large part in this. Bethesda has had a number of players chosen for the GISA All-State team in recent years, as well as winning more than one Regional Championship title. The team has seen astounding seasons in the last few years, and with the support of the school and the fans this success will only continue. This school lives for baseball, and with the past few seasons that the Bethesda School has played it is no wonder that college recruiters are watching these high school players very closely.

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