Baseball Team of the Nations Top North Moore High School of Robbins, NC

Top Moore High School, located in Robbins, North Carolina, is a school known for baseball and excellence, both together and separately. The school recently had a new electronic scoreboard installed, to help boost team spirit and player morale at the school. This high school was the very first one to open up in Moore County, and it was given the honor of being named as one of the best schools in the entire country just a couple of years ago. The 2008 graduating class made history in two distinct ways: it was the largest class ever to graduate from the school, and the scholarship amounts awarded to the graduating students was the largest seen yet by the school, at around one hundred thousand dollars. The North Moore High School Mustangs baseball team has played an important part in student life through the years, and the current year is no exception. The school is famous for the baseball fever suffered every year, when fans and players both go wild about baseball. Every spring the ball diamonds and bleachers fill up, and baseball takes over the campus. The school decided that new scoreboards were needed, to boost the morale of the players and to attract more fans and visitors to the sporting events at the school, and a brand new Baseball Scoreboard 1060 was purchased and installed. Since this was done, players and fans both enjoy the games and the atmosphere much more, because the scores are clearly visible even from a distance so there is no need to squint or guess about what has happened, or who is winning.

North More High School has a lot to be proud of, and this includes the excellent baseball team, and the current baseball program offered. Baseball can be played at the junior varsity or the varsity level, and both teams receive the best possible conditioning, training, and coaching to prevent injuries and maximize each player’s baseball skills and potential. This high school has a number of well known alumni, including one from the baseball team at the school who went on to play major league baseball. This alumni is Nick Maness, who was born in 1978 and drafted into the majors in 1997, almost straight out of North Moore High School. Other distinguished alumni may not have played baseball for the school, but they do show the tradition of excellence in every aspect that this high school is famous for. These alumni include astronaut Charles Brady, John Edwards who was recently an early candidate for Vice President in the 2008 elections, and many others.

The new electronic baseball scoreboards that the school installed for the baseball team is one of the ways that support is shown, and that is what this school is known for and why it is rated so high. Scoreboards can make a difference in the way that the team feels and performs, and new equipment will improve the number of fans who turn out as well, to offer support, generate revenue for the school, and watch the games.

The record for this season has been mixed for Mustangs baseball, with some wins and some losses, but the new equipment works great, and the improved attendance and enthusiasm from students and sports fans is sure to encourage the team to perform better and improve their record before the next season is over. The windows displayed by the new scoreboard allows fans to determine how many strikes, balls, and outs the team at bat is currently at, as well as the total score for both sides. This score keeping equipment is quite simple to install and use, it is very cost effective, and it can have a big impact on any school and sports program. It worked well for North More High School, and the cost of the equipment is usually recovered in a short time from increased revenue.

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