Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Simply the Best


Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the crowning glory for the state. Known as a center of education and the arts, it reflects everything good about the gracious south. They are the City of Champions with their famed football team with lit with excitement. University of Alabama shares their stadium for football games, with some of the best attendance for any collegiate games.

The Tuscaloosa area has been home to a variety of Native American tribes reaching back as far as 12,000 years. The more recent tribes established agriculture communities and lived with the European settlers until the advent of the Indian Removal Act by then President Andrew Jackson. Thousands of Native Americans were forcibly relocated to Oklahoma in less favorable lands, walking the distance now called the Trail of Tears. It is believe that about 4,000 Native Americans died along the way.

The lands of Tuscaloosa grew with additional settlers and by the mid 1800’s had become a town that was named capital of the newly admitted Alabama as a State. The town soon became a city as the population expanded and they soon built the University of Alabama. This was the beginning of the educational focus for Tuscaloosa, which was destined to become a hub for learning.

The Civil War brought the State of Alabama to the Confederate side and Tuscaloosa paid a heavy price. The Union troops burned the university and campus and the many battles also damaged the city. Return from this devastation was slow and difficult, but the people of the area have strength of conviction. The post war reconstruction was helped by the U.S. Department of Engineers as they helped rebuild the areas lock ways, dams and infrastructure. This assisted in developing a stronger economy that they based on mining and the industry of metallurgy. Tuscaloosa is also proud of their sports teams, stadiums and football scoreboards. Everyone turns out to cheer their teams on.

Alabama became a center focus during the Civil Rights era as conflicts of philosophies and equality clashed. The politics of the time affected the Black American community and the various problems that were displayed in Tuscaloosa came under the microscope as the nation’s problems.

As time passed, the growth and opportunity of the Tuscaloosa area became apparent. Industry, technology and the arts began to flourish along with a deep respect for their historic roots. Additional colleges and institutions of higher learning were built which lent a reputation for Tuscaloosa as an educational town. However, the city proved to be even more than that title, and as added a number of industries that make up their success.

By the turn of the twenty first century, the elegance and charm of Tuscaloosa, combined with all of the incredible attributes of the community led the city to be named as one of the 50 Best Places to Live, the Most Livable City in 2011 and the Best City for Young People. Tuscaloosa has combined everything that is the best of the south.

Today Tuscaloosa offers an incredible array of choices for a visitor. One can tour historic museums and experience the fine restaurants and shopping. The natural beauty of the area is reflected in gardens, parks, bike and hiking trails. And, of course, there is always a game to attend to cheer on the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. The citizens of Tuscaloosa turn out in droves to support the many sports games held each year. But it’s the football scoreboards that are a light with colors of their teams and the cheers of the crowd prove their passion for their teams and their town.


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