To Use Audio (or not) for Scoreboard Videos

As a society, we are not only accustomed to experiencing excellence in technology, but we are now in a condition where we expect it. On a daily basis, we view high resolution videos with special effects and extreme sound quality. This expectation can also translate into the world of electronic sports scoreboards, where we face a few more challenges and hurdles in video displays. While we have a total environmental control when viewing a video on a pc, tablet or our smartphone, this is not the case in either an indoor or outdoor electronic scoreboard. Each venue may offer limitations and there are rules-of-thumb that can be applied for the decision as to when to add audio to scoreboard video.
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Led Vs Other Light Sources: Creating The Best Sports Scoreboard Advertising Indoor and Outdoor

The advantages of LED lighting in today’s electronic sports scoreboard supersede all display sources of the past. The high resolution, sturdy, safe and long lasting LED lights bring millions of colors to a screen, offering a clarity never before seen. The LED lights in your electronic scoreboard are not only earth-friendly, by not containing the mercury of fluorescent lights, but are recyclable. The LED lights have longevity of over 60,000 hours, and lower electricity use to bring additional savings. While the initial cost of LED lighting is higher than standard or fluorescent lights, the longevity outweighs and quickly pays for itself. The enjoyment of your electronic scoreboard will last for years to come; however, when additional lighting sources are in place, there are considerations that need to be included to give your audience and sponsors the very best indoor or outdoor scoreboard experience.
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Not All Sports Scoreboard Video Advertising is Equal: Overcoming Technology Limitations to Create a Success

Video creates a powerful connection to the viewer and accelerates the sales process for your sponsor. Statistics show that consumers that watch video are 144% more likely to buy a product or service. These are incredibly important mantras when you a considering video for your electronic scoreboard. You might be in a situation where you think you have limited technology tools to make the kind of powerful video you think that you need. There are some shortcuts and special hints that can help you on your video journey to help make your presentations look like the pros.
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Simple Scoreboard Sports Advertising Videos can Often be the Best: The Success of Less is More

You are the master of your electronic scoreboard advertising and as such, have chosen a video format for the best possible results. Now that you have made the biggest decision, you will need to tackle the topic of what kind of video advertising will do justice to your sponsors.

The stats show that video with audio bring a higher retention rate in the viewing audience. This will translate into measurable dollar return on investment for your advertiser or sponsor. Video scoreboard advertising offers a higher level of creativity, but with that you may find there are some hurdles to overcome.
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Creating Scoreboard Content: Technology Tools, Camera Sources and the Creativity

There are many variables on the topic of electronic sports scoreboard advertising and you will need to examine each one to accommodate your abilities and the requirements of the sponsors. The technology of today offers easy to use software that is available to the non-professional, and yet brings the look and feel of a professionally designed presentation. Video has been proven to not only attract but maintain the attention of the viewer over static and slide show options and brings additional repeat sponsorship.

Video software packages are now available at reasonable costs so that you can be a pro at video advertising. The technology can be pc or Mac and software such as TriCaster, vMix, Wirecast or Casper CG includes editing tools to use multi-camera sources, lighting adjustments, pixel definitions, and Auto HD. These are important factors to create the highest quality advertising.
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Scoreboard Video Advertising with Audio: Indoor vs Outdoor, Understanding the Differences

Choosing the right electronic scoreboard advertising can be both fun and challenging. As you embark in the endeavor of creating sports scoreboard ads, you will want to consider a number of options: slide show, static, streaming video, and audio. While the choice of total video with audio may be your first selection, it is not always the best, based on the type of venue you have.

The outdoor stadium presents a number of issues for electronic scoreboard advertising. You might create a top notch video, only to find the color has faded due to the variations in lighting and the acoustics are questionable due to wind and temperature. Having software that allows you to adjust for lighting and change the clarity can address the lighting problem, but the audio portion is based on volume, and that can cause additional presentation problems. If the outdoor venue is one that has consistent weather situations that affect audio, you may want to change to a slideshow or static advertising format.
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Scoreboard Advertising Video: Technologies and Tools to Create a Vision

Video advertising for sports scoreboards offer a number of positive choices and solutions. As the ‘creative engineer’ you and your advertising team will be responsible for developing quality video for your sponsors. Today’s technology allows non-professionals the ease of video creation, with some simple options available to just about everyone.

Videos can be created as a preroll video, typically in .wmv format or you can use a slideshow format with displays static single page ads. Each style uses a different type of software. The preroll video will require a computer base (laptop, pc or Mac), movie camera(s) and software such as TriCaster, vMix, Wirecast or Casper CG. Editing tools are available so that you can take the various ‘shots’ and blend, delete, enhance and duplicate as well as overdub and add music as background. Studies have shown that the preroll video format with enticing content capture and retain a larger audience than a static ad. For the advanced user, software such as MStream allows multi-screen video advertising and will stream via an electronic scoreboard as well as social media feeds. You need to keep in mind that full video advertising requires more time and dedication than a static or slideshow ad.
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Sports scoreboard Advertising Complemented with Website and Social Media

We are a society that is connected in more ways than ever before and are accustomed to instant notification, within minutes (if not seconds) of something happening. Sports scoreboard advertising is making use of the complementary formats to entice sponsors as well as fans.

There are a variety of choices and options that you have when thinking about scoreboard complementary services. The most popular has been a streaming live feed via website broadcasts. This requires that you have the camera equipment, editing software and a web tech that can not only link the live feed video, but focus in on the advertising spots. Make sure you have the support of the school or organization web master. This individual is responsible for all content and will need to be an integral part of the project. The massive popularity of smartphones offer an enhanced ability for live view and will be an enticement for sponsors as their advertising message will reach an even larger audience. If you are experiencing financial problems and have the talent but not the equipment, you can talk to sponsors to assist in helping with the technology as part of their program. Adding their name and logo in recognition of their additional sponsorship level will offer an additional advertising and marketing opportunity and elevate their position in the community.
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Sports Scoreboard Advertising: Getting Your Message to the Masses for Support

As you move into the world of sports scoreboard advertising development, you will quickly realize that you need the help of others to make your creative genius come to life! This is indeed a case of “it takes a village”, as you will need to enlist the assistance of a number of people and marketing concepts for the total success of your endeavor.

The first people that you need to look to are your internal resources. These can include Booster Clubs, Alumni, students, faculty, friends and family. These are the core groups that will often be the most receptive. Booster Clubs and Alumni already have the experience and the local business contacts. A meeting with both groups will enlighten you on the most successful campaigns as well as the most receptive sponsors. In many cases, the rest of the group is often readily available and sometimes eager to help. You will find that they are the group that needs direction, so it’s advised that you set up a plan before you start talking with them.
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Marketing 101 for Your Sports Scoreboard Advertising Success: How to Get Sponsors to Line Up and Buy

Advertising and marketing are both a fine art. Understanding the principles, nuances and variations that attract and keep attention translates into sales. The concepts are important no matter what the sports scoreboard format: static (non-changing) or video. The ultimate goal is to bring together the person viewing the ad and the sponsor for a win-win scenario.

There are five important elements in Marketing 101: audience, advertiser, message, appearance and presentation. Below is a summary of the key aspects of each of these pieces to assist you in creating scoreboard advertising that will get your sponsors to buy and bring repeat sponsorship.
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Creating the Best Content for Your Scoreboard Advertising

Marketing organizations around the globe understand a single rule-of-thumb: Advertising content can make or break the desired results of an ad. Even the most well-known and professional marketing companies have sometimes forgotten this rule.

There are a few important guidelines that need to be taken very seriously, when deciding upon sports scoreboard content for your advertising. The guidelines pertain, no matter if you are using static (non-changing) or video.
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Methods and strategies to market scoreboard advertising to your local businesses

Marketing your sports scoreboard advertising is an art, but one that you can easily accomplish to get the highest level of success. You will need to gather a team of volunteers together. This team can be members of the Booster Club, Alumni, students and even some of your sports team players. These will be the core group that will be responsible for various marketing pieces.

Establishing a presentation format to present to your sponsors will demonstrate a professional level and entice them to buy-into the program more readily. Use the expertise of your graphics design department to create a presentation type. The best format (and most cost-effective) is a PowerPoint presentation. You can customize each presentation for the unique sponsor as this will raise their level of interest when they view their logo and personal information. If you choose a brochure format, there will be printing costs associated with the project and any changes will incur more costs. Always make sure you have a contact-sheet, which can be left for the sponsor for additional questions. This may be a general phone number or a personalized business card.
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Video and Audio Scoreboard Advertising: The Tools, the Content, the Wow Factor

Video scoreboard advertising can be exciting, enticing and most of all, will grab and keep the attention of the fans. Today’s technologies offer quality production advantages to everyone, bringing the ability of creativity to the non-professional. There are some key components that you will need to be aware of, as you start out on the adventure of building video advertising for your sports scoreboard.

A first step will be to examine the type of technologies you will need for video scoreboard advertising. Today, you have many options and can blend some of the technologies. It is advised that you use a good video camera for the best resolution. Most video files are .mmv files and can be loaded via a computer as well as an outside feed. Video file technical specifications include: bit rates greater than 2Mbps, 32-bit color depth, key frames every 1 second, a frame rate of at least 15 frames per second. While 640×480 resolution is preferred, do not go any lower than 400×300 and be aware that your dimensions can be adapted to accommodate wide screen videos. If you have a low resolution, there are some software tools, such as ParticleIllusion that you can use to create the illusion of a higher res production.
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Choosing the Best Kind of Scoreboard Advertising that Works for You

Scoreboard Advertising 101 is designed to assist you in some of your choices to allow you to create the most powerful advertising messages that will capture the attention of your fans.

In setting up a scoreboard advertising ‘plan’ you will need to examine some of the following:

1. A first step is understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor sports scoreboard advertising: Indoor scoreboard advertising may offer the advantage of more controlled lighting, temperature and acoustics. This may not always be the case, as the lighting may cause poor visual quality due to indirect or bright lights that overpower. The control-factor will give you the ability to have options on the type and format of your advertising messages. Outdoor sports scoreboards require a lot more analysis of conditions, view and sound. The hurtles that you come across can be easily accomplished by making the right decisions. If acoustics are a problem, opt to choose advertising that catches the eye and grabs the attention of the viewer, without audio. When external lighting interferes, adjustments can be made in color and brightness of the ads, using editing technologies. Before you begin putting together your advertising endeavors, experiment with camera shots, angles, and both day and night lighting.
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