Berkeley High School Basketball Team in Action

Berkley High School Basketball Team In Action

The first thing you notice when you visit Moncks Corner South Carolina is the beauty of the area. The center of the town is focused on the historic train depot. A legendary vision of the past, preserved for everyone to see today. The second thing you notice is the intensity of the people of the area for the Berkeley High School Basketball team. Don’t let this peaceful looking town fool you, the at the games tell the story. You might have to get to the game earlier than planned, because every seat in the place is taken.

The town of Moncks Corner is in the county of South Carolina and boasts a fantastic history. Named after a local landowner, Thomas Monck, it dates back to 1728 as a trading post and stores. The local roots are combined with a steadfast and hearty people. The town grew and became official when the Northeastern Railroad laid tracks through the area and created an environment where people relocated and the town began to really thrive. Today it is an example of small town America with an immense sense of maintaining their history while moving forward in the times.

Berkeley High School basketball teams participate in everything sports. Some of their team members are on multiple sports teams, which may stretch the limits but never changes the positive attitudes of the players. Every basketball game is filled to the brim with fans. All eyes watch the basketball scoreboards as the buzzers sound and the fans yell. Whether it’s a home or away game or even at the Berkeley County Basketball Jamboree, this school has a knack for playing the game. The County of Berkley, has an immense pride in the Berkeley High School Basketball team and you just need to go to a game to see that. They boast both girls and boys basketball teams; and both are the pride of the school.

Everyone in town plans on attending the basketball games. If they miss the game, there are plenty of cell phone cameras and texting to keep them up on the latest score. On line they have that includes shots and videos of the best plays of the games. Local businesses make sure they have their names and logos listed on the basketball scoreboards to show that they are supporting the team.

The County of Berkley, SC has a lot to be proud of. The kids from this area are given a superb sense of grounding that helps them to move forward in life. They have an excellent balance of home, school, academics and sports. The natural beauty of the area adds a love of nature and an understanding of their own personal history. All of these are lessons for life and they carry their sense of sportsmanship with them. There is nothing small town when it comes to the support and love of the Berkeley High School basketball teams. They are top notch, all the way.

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