The Highest Scoring Baseball Game

Highest Scoring Baseball GameThe Major League history is not just one game. There is one game that had the highest combined and another where one team scored more runs than any other in history. Both of these games (actually three total) were incredible outliers for a game where the average score usually adds up to ten runs or less. The other interesting fact about all of these highest scoring games in baseball is that none of them featured stars sluggers that you would expect in these home run derbies.

The highest scoring game in baseball where both teams combined for more runs than any two others in history was played way back in 1922. On a hot August night the Chicago Cubs beat the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 26-23. According to varying accounts it was not a pretty affair. The pitching was obviously exceptionally weak with 49 runs, 51 hits, and 23 walks given up by both teams during the game. It could have been even worse as the Cubs, who edged the Phillies at the end, left nine runners on base and the Phillies left 16 runners on base.

The highest score baseball game from one team came in the late nineteenth century in a game in June 1897. This was a few years before the American League existed so this stands as a National League record only. The then Chicago Colts (later the Cubs) beat the newcomer Lousville Colonels 36-7. That is still the highest one team output in a major league game ever. The Colonels were a perennial last place team in the National League before they closed shop for good two years later in 1899. There are not a whole lot of details available because of the era in which the game was played.

The more recent record for highest score baseball game from one team was in August 2007 when the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles 30-3 on 8/23/07. The game was the first game of a doubleheader at Oriole Park in Baltimore. The Orioles actually began the game with a 3-0 lead but quickly succumbed to grand slams by both Marlon Byrd and Travis Metcalf and two homers from Ramon Vasquez. The Rangers were ahead 14-3 in the seventh inning when Wes Littleton came in as the saving pitcher for the Rangers. Things got out of hand quickly when the Rangers brought 10 runners home in the eighth inning and another 6 at the top of the ninth. Needless to say, Littleton coasted to an easy victory. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, not exactly a household name, led the Rangers with a 4-for-6 outing that crushed the Orioles with two homers, five runs and seven RBIs. What is interesting is that the Rangers had this explosion without their two major hitters that year, Sammy Sosa and Mark Teixeira doing much damage. The game also set a record for the most lopsided win in major league history with a 27 run gap between the two teams.

Imagine a world without electronic baseball scoreboards that light up each time our favorite players hit a homerun. Electronic scoreboards are a great addition to any local team or national team. The feeling of camaraderie and encouragement that a scoreboard can bring to a team and their fans is indescribable.

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