Scoreboard Considerations for Best Efficiency

When you purchase a high quality electronic sports scoreboard, such as the Electro-Mech system, you will want to make sure that you have covered all bases of consideration to ensure the best efficiency and optimum performance for your scoreboard. We have included a few miscellaneous topics that you may not have thought of or even are aware of.

Industrial RF Systems: If you have opted for a wireless communication system, you will be using RF (radio frequency) as the communication method. RF signals are oscillating radio frequencies and require both sending and receiving hardware. The type of signal varies, from the extremely low (3-30 Hz) to incredibly high (300 Ghz to 3,000 Ghz). The power of the signal will also affect the distance that it can travel to reach the receiving hardware. In this case, as RF signal amplifier can be used to boost the signal, so that it travels the distance required. Your RF signal will be tuned into a particular frequency, and there may be a question of security issues, as someone else could tune into the same frequency to tap into your transmission. Due to the many variations of the frequencies, this is not a common practice, but you will need to be aware of this.

Outdoor lighting that is from a fluorescent or standard lighting source can also include a physical phenomenon called light leakage. The leakage is rather common in these light forms and is due to inconsistencies in bulb coverage which creates holes, causing light differentials. You may wonder how that might affect your electronic scoreboard, but the fact is that the leakage can create situations of brightening and shadowing that alters the video on the LED system. Light leakage could affect just one portion of the LED lighting scheme or, in massive conditions, change the entire view. There are some editing software programs that allow you to make alterations to accommodate and adjust for some of these lighting problems.

We live with technology that involves circuit boards in so many of the things we use every day. Outdoor electronic scoreboards have an array of circuit boards that ensure top performance of the scoreboard. Circuit boards, while sturdy, are also delicate and can be affected by external dust, moisture, temperature extremes, wind and chemicals. It’s therefore important to know that there is extra care taken for the Electro-Mech electronic scoreboards in the use of conformal coating. This coating is applied to the circuit boards as a protection against damage or failure. Any and all of the equipment that you plan to use in an outdoor scoreboard environment should also have conformal coating on the circuit boards. You will need to take this into consideration when you are purchasing peripheral equipment such as mixing boards or taking a laptop, pc or other controlling device that may be exposed to the elements.

Reviewing this list will help to keep you aware so that you can take precautions and necessary steps for the very best electronic scoreboard experience for everyone.

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