Lee County High School Trojans Baseball Team Stays on Top of Region 1-AAAA

Anyone that has ever been to Leesburg Georgia knows about The Trojans baseball team at Lee County High School. The distinctive red, white and black colors and the team logo can be seen at every turn. The people of Leesburg are proud of their baseball team, and rightly so. The Trojans continue their winning spree and remain on Top of Region 1-AAAA.

Effingham County High School Raises Baseball Stars

The Savannah Georgia area is known for its beauty, history and warm, friendly people. Anyone who has ever been to the area never forgets it. Effingham County is just a little northwest of Savannah and, at first appearance, seems like a small quiet area. A gentle cookie cutter vision of the Old South, Effingham County offers a graciousness that can found no where else. Don’t let appearances fool you. A community of history including a visit by General Washington and part of the path of General Sherman’s “March to the Sea”. Nestled between the Ogeechee and Savannah Rivers, Effingham County is picturesque and lovely. In the heart is Effingham High School, home of the Rebels. You can’t miss it – because their blue and white team colors are everywhere.

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