Cheerleading: European View on Another Odd American Tradition

cheerleading basketballAs Americans, we don’t think twice about cheerleading. This is part of our culture and we are introduced to the tradition at a very young age in school. In the U.S., a certain stigma has developed on the topic of cheerleaders, as they fight the generalized concept of ‘dumb blondes’ that usually date the jocks. The idea of ‘cheerleading’ is not one that is shared or even a consideration in other countries. Europeans are completely alienated on the topic and, it is often a topic of both amusement and irritation.

Americans take our sports very seriously; but with that, comes an idea of fun and competition. We associate sports with smiling, laughter, fans, stadiums, players, and of course, cheerleading. This is not always the case in other countries. Some cultures do not express emotions, such as smiling in public, as they feel it makes them look stupid or, in a kind of ‘Vulcan’ concept, makes them appear weak.
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Brazil Takes Soccer to a Whole New Level: The Art of the Sport

Brazil SoccerIf you watch any news or view it on the internet, it is hard to miss all of the fanfare about the FIFA World Cup in 2014, in Brazil. The country is considered to be one of the top nations in the world for soccer expertise and no wonder; at any given time Brazil has over 10,000 players, on a professional level; complete with playing fields and electronic scoreboards.

Soccer is to Brazil as baseball is the America. There is not just a love for the sport, but a true passion. Soccer was brought to the country by a Scotsman in the 1800’s. Already a popular sport in Britain, he introduced Brazilians to a game with very little in the way of equipment or professional guidance. As more British began living in Brazil, they brought equipment and the kind of experience that helps team and player development.
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Why does Brazil have so Many Good Soccer Players?

brazil soccerBrazil seems to have a unique knack for generating an incredible line of players of excellence when it comes to soccer. There is never a surprise when a new player is chosen for a team and he ends up becoming a star from Brazil. One might wonder what is it about this country, that they can produce so many good soccer players? Well, this isn’t something new, Brazil has actually had a long history in soccer.
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Strange NBA Facts: the Fun, the Unusual and the Odd


The fascination, obsession and passion of basketball in the U.S. has increased exponentially over the last number of years. We, as a society, cannot seem to get enough information about our favorite NBA teams and players. The internet and social media has catapulted the speed of accessing this data into an immediate gratification situation. We no longer have to wait for the evening news, but instead, get updates on everything we need. There are, however, some unusual NBA facts that few are aware of!
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A Bit of History on Those Soccer Jersey Numbers that will Surprise You

Soccer Jersey

Numbering soccer jerseys goes back to an original concept of just knowing who the players were on a specific team. Those were the days of simplicity, with easy team colors and recognizing your favorite player with a single large number on the jersey.

Soccer wasn’t the first sport to put numbers on jerseys; the tradition was used baseball. In that game, the numbering sequence was based on the batting order. Numbers one through nine were initially started, as we might recognize Number 3 for Babe Ruth and Number 4 for Lou Gehrig, of Yankee fame. As new players and substitutes were added, the numbering sequence increased, beginning with number 12. In the days before electronic scoreboards, fans would look out on the field for these players.
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The Top Soccer Jersey Sponsorships: a Lot of Cash for a Name


There is no denying that corporate sports sponsorships have evolved into big business on a global scale. A winning team name that is associated with a hot corporate sponsorship logo equates to a win-win in more ways than one. This means that the team jersey that dons both titles becomes some of the highest price, per square inch, real estate in the world.

Almost every hot team is now seeking (or being sought out) by a corporate sponsor, and these are some of the biggest and most recognized names. There are some teams, such as Barcelona, that went against the tide and avoided sponsorship for over 113 years; but last year, they caved in to the pressure with a jersey deal with Quatar Airlines. We know that sponsor will be on the electronic scoreboard display!
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FAQ’s to Consider For Your Electronic Scoreboard

Electronic Scoreboards T-cartIf you are like most people undertaking the purchase of an electronic scoreboard, this was an assignment that you were given and you are accomplishing your due diligence by getting all of the information needed. Your homework may seem daunting, but, we have put an easy to use list together for you so that you can be assured that you will get the highest quality, best pricing and truly the electronic scoreboard that you and your team or school want.

Below is just a preliminary list of things to think about and consider as you move forward in getting your electronic scoreboard.
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Game Plan for Sponsorship that will Pay for Your Scoreboard

If you are researching into the purchase of an electronic scoreboard for your school or team, you need to first realize that the days of fundraisers are over and we have entered the age of sponsorship. Yes, this means that you have an opportunity to plan, design and put together a method to get your electronic scoreboard paid for, 100%.

But first – you need a game plan. It isn’t overwhelming, it can be accomplished very easily with a small team of people. We are listing some of the areas that you will want to begin with. Once you start, you won’t believe the enthusiasm and creativity that will blossom from everyone in your group.
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Should You Try to Make Your Own Hockey Electronic Scoreboard?


There are certain types of people that like to consider themselves do-it-yourselfers. My husband and I are in that category, taking on tasks that we know we can accomplish due to our vast amount of talent (or assumed talent). The question was posed as to whether someone with some basic electronic knowledge should undertake making their own hockey scoreboard. This may be a challenge that you want to re-think, before you start.
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Scoreboards at Philadelphia’s Shiba Park – Making Baseball History

Shibe Park opened in 1909 and was the perfect example of the kind of baseball parks that represented that era. Major League baseball in the early twentieth century had set precedence for the kind of parks that were being designed. The reinforced concrete, large bleacher areas and underground garage was accented with a domed tower. Shibe Park was not only a place to go, but over the years was an icon of Philadelphia. The fans, the summer, the park and the scoreboards reflected the times as they were at that moment.
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