The Spurs Defeat the Grizzlies in Game Five

The Spurs Defeat the Grizzlies In Game Five

In a basketball scoreboards feature, I have reviewed the recent victory for the Spurs over the Grizzlies.

The Antonio Spurs shocked everyone by defeating the Memphis Grizzlies in the best of seven play-offs. The Grizzlies were up 3-1 in the series and it was a do or die situation for the Spurs. They had to win the match in order to stay alive in the series, and they showed incredible resilience to get through it in the last few minutes.
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The 4 Most Dangerous Players in the NBA

The 4 Most Dangerous Players In The Nba

Many people think of a “dangerous” basketball player as a player who can score and keep on scoring. However, a real dangerous player is the one who can not only achieve great scoring statistics, but can also change the game with his all round ability to create chances for others, make cutting passes, block shots and lead his team through good and bad. With this in mind, in this basketball scoreboards feature I have collated who I consider to be the most dangerous players currently plying their trade in the NBA.
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The 4 Most Improved NBA Players in 2011

The 4 Most Improved Nba Players In 2011

There are a few players in the NBA who have improved their game to a great extent this season, and who have had a huge effect on their teams overall performance. These players were not rated before the season started, but they have exceeded everybody’s expectations and have played really well. In a basketball scoreboards feature, I have listed who I consider to be the most improved players in the 2010/2011 season.
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The Best Player Ever At Each Position in the NBA

The Best Player Ever At Each Position In The Nba

5 guys, one aim – stardom. And these guys are some of the biggest stars the sporting world has ever produced. This basketball scoreboards article looks at all the 5 positions and lists the greatest NBA player to have graced the courts at each one of them.

1. The Point Guard, Earvin “Magic” Johnson – he is one of the (or just the?!) greatest basketball players in the history of NBA. Besides having great all-round skills, he was a great team player as well. As the point guard for the Lakers, he took them to 9 appearances in the Finals and the Lakers ended up winning 5 of those. At the end of his career, his averages looked like this: 2 steals, 7.2 rebounds, 11.2 assists and 19.5 points per game. His field shots stood at 52 percents, while his percentile from the free throw point stood at 85. The basketball scoreboards show that he has 12 All Star appearances under his belt along with 3 MVP, 3 Final MVPs and 2 MVPs for the All Star game.
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The Most Uneven Trades in NBA History

The Most Uneven Trades In Nba History

Trades can be a risky affair. Sometimes they turn out to be very beneficial for one team, but send the other towards a cellar. The number of trades that have proven to be successful for both the teams are without doubt in the minority. In a basketball scoreboards feature, I have reviewed some of the most lopsided trades that took place in the history of NBA.

Charles Barkley

Barkley was traded to the Phoenix Suns by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1992. Barkley had established himself as a great player with a great personality. The 76ers traded him for Tim Perry, Jeff Hornacek and Andrew Lang. Barkley fast became the key player for the Suns, and the basketball scoreboards showed that he led them to the finals of the 1993 NBA championship. On the other hand, the 76ers lost out big time from this trade, as Hornacek moved onto Utah Jazz and became a very important player for the them, whilst Perry and Lang failed to shine.
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The Top 5 NBA rookies of 2010/2011

The Top 5 Nba Rookies Of 2010/2011

There has been some amazing addition to the NBA talent this season. As the season is drawing to an end lets take a Basketball scoreboards look at the top 5 rookies who were drafted last year.

5. Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson is the right man in the wrong team. He is a superb find but unfortunately plays for a team where his hard work has not paid off. He is trying to turn around the fate of his team, The Minnesota Timberwolves, but he does not have the players around him. He played incredibly well against the Los Angeles Lakers two weeks ago, with the basketball scoreboards showing that he scored a career high 29 points. He has emerged as a solid shooting guard in the NBA and with this kind of performance he will surely go a long way in the league in the years to come.
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The 4 Best Power Forwards in the NBA

The 4 Best Power Forwards In The Nba

This season has seem some established players reach the peak of their careers, and some newbies come in and take the league by storm. In a basketball scoreboards feature, I have taken a look at the 4 most amazing power forwards in the NBA today.

4 – Blake Griffin
Although only in his rookie season, this young boy has amazed everyone with his natural skills and abilities. The basketball scoreboards showed that he was drafted in 2009 by the Los Angeles Clippers, but just a day before the 2009-2010 season started, it was confirmed that Griffin had suffered a stress fracture in his left knee and would miss seven weeks of play. After this lay-off, the test results showed that he was not recovering properly, and he ended up missing the entire season. Things have taken a big turn for him this season though, and he has surely established his future with the LA Clippers. He is having the best rookie season ever and is scoring an average of 22.5 and rebounding with an average of 12.4. This puts him in third place among the power forwards. Such stats have never been achieved by a rookie!
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The Most Indispensable Players in NBA

The Most Indispensable Players In Nba

Every team has a player that cannot be replaced. If the player is injured or cannot play due to some reason, it it next to impossible to find an adequate replacement for him in the team. Here is a basketball scoreboards list some of the most indispensable players in the NBA.

Derrick Rose
The name says it all! There is no substitute for this guy. He is the backbone of the Chicago Bulls and it is very difficult to imagine where the team would be without him. He is unarguably the best point guard in NBA and it is only due to him that his team is the third in the Eastern Conference. His stats this year show what a great and consistent player he has been. The basketball scoreboards show that he is averaging 24.9 points, 8.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game as well as an impressive player efficiency rating of 23.3.
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The MVP Candidates for this Season

The Mvp Candidates For This Season

Although the season hasn’t ended yet, there is already a clear shortlist of players who are in the race to receive the MVP for their performances. Here are the basketball scoreboards top five candidates:

5. Manu Ginobilli
Manu plays as a shooting guard for the San Antonio Spurs. He is one of the key players of the team and has played a very important role in the team’s success so far. He has earned three NBA rings and now is a probable choice for the MVP this season. He has some fantastic team mates like Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, but with players like these he has still managed to maintain the best scoring record in the team. The basketball scoreboards show that he has scored an average of 18.4 points per game.
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The 3 Deadliest Trios in the NBA

The 3 Deadliest Trios In The Nba

Every team has a few select key players, without whom the team would be at a huge disadvantage. They are the players who play a major role in the team’s progress though the season, and the ones who can single-handedly ruin their team’s season if they don’t perform to the high standards that are expected of them. In this basketball scoreboards feature, I have identified the BIG Threes of the NBA:
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