Model LX7260 Basketball Scoreboard

This 9 ft. x 5 ft. scoreboard is not one our biggest in size, but it is big on features.  Perhaps most important among these features is the rugged design that you find across our line of outdoor products.  And, like our indoor Basketball models, the LX7260 uses Electro-Mech's intuitive but flexible "MP" control console.  All the digits are 11-inches tall and available in either red or amber.  In addition to Time, Period, and Points, we have digits to show the Total Fouls for each team along with Player Number and Foul Count for the person who committed the most recent Foul.
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft 11 ft × 3 ft 11 ft × 3 ft
  • Weight: 140 lb 480 lbs 480 lbs
  • Digit Height: 11 in
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 1.5 amps 120 VAC, 4.8 amps 120 VAC, 7.6 amps

Choose Colors:

  • Scoreboard Face
  • Accent Striping
  • LED Color
  • Currently Showing:  
  • Navy Blue White White Amber
  • New Selection:  

Documentation and Details:

  • Specifications
  • Owner's Manuals
Model LX7260 Installation Examples:
  • NJY Camps
    Lakewood, PA, 18439
  • St.Bonaventure Catholic School
    Davie, FL, 33325
  • Branch Brook Park
    East Orange, NJ, 07017
  • St.Colemans School
    Pompano Beach, FL, 33362
  • Camp Seneca Lake
    Honesdale, PA, 18431