College Stadiums Keep up with the Times with New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards


College sports has some of the most zealous supporters in the world. Fans will commute great distances and carry flags and bumper stickers on their cars. While colleges are aware of the popularity, they also know that to keep and maintain this fan base they must also upgrade to meet the technology needs for the school and sponsorship. The new HD electronic sports scoreboards have become some of the latest addition to satisfy an every growing immediate information society.

High Tech isn’t for the Big Stadiums Anymore: High School Sports Scoreboards Really Rock


We are living in a society that has an incredible sense of high expectations for our technology. Smartphones and tablets bring immediate information and date, as it is happening around the world. This confidence has spread, so that even sports fans have access to home entertainment systems that once rivaled the best stadium presentations. The evolution of these technologies to bring sports fans out of their living rooms and into the bleachers has spread from the largest venues and is now becoming a more common scene in local high schools. The savvy choice of sports scoreboards has a multifunctional aspect that schools are taking full advantage of.

Jacksonville, Florida: Sports, Technology, Education

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida has a history steeped in a multi-cultural heritage of Native American, French, Spanish and British influences. Inhabited by Native American tribes for thousands of years, this city is the largest land mass area in the State of Florida. Home to the annual College Football rivalry game between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs, Jacksonville has evolved into a city with incredibly diverse offerings of old world and high tech. The football scoreboards at the Gator Bowl display just the first level of fan devotion. The area has also been dubbed as the biggest outdoor cocktail party and is something to behold.

Charlotte, North Carolina: The Queen City of Basketball and Football Fame

Charlotte, North Carolina

Often referred to as the gem of the U.S., Charlotte, North Carolina is richly steeped in old world and southern charm. This is a dichotomy, as Charlotte has also progressed to now be the U.S. 2nd largest financial center. The grace and beauty of the city is complimented with high tech, culture, incredible universities and colleges and pride in their sports teams. Football and basketball reign supreme in Charlotte; with stadiums, fans and both basketball and football scoreboards to support the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Bobcats.

Charlotte was originally settled by people of European descent. After the American Revolution the city experienced a boom with the cotton and railroad industries. After the Civil War, many of the soldiers posted at Fort Greene cherished the area so much that they decided to remain. This increased the population and spurred an intensity of growth and opportunity. Named after King George, III queen consort, Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz, the city wanted to retain some of its original relationship to its European roots.

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