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Baseball Scoreboards

At Electro-Mech, our customers are the undefeated champs. Our family-owned company strives to produce only the highest quality scoreboards while providing unbeatable support after the sale. We design our scoreboards and control consoles for ease-of-use and rugged durability. If you already own an Electro-Mech scoreboard, then you're familiar with our reputation for quality and service. If you need a new scoreboard or are replacing a competitor's older model, then welcome to the Electro-Mech family! You will be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Product Line
For your baseball and softball needs, Electro-Mech covers the bases with a full line of scoreboards capable of displaying just the basic information that casual fans expect or more detailed statistics important to coaches, players, and analysts. Consider Electro-Mech's line score models. Every scoreboard in this style offers the standard Ball, Strike, and Out counts, plus Runs-By-Inning and Total Runs for each team. In addition, you may choose models that display Total Hits, Total Errors, Pitch Speed (Radar Gun Kit included), Pitch Count, Batter Number, Hit/ Error Indicators, or various types of Clocks. All line score baseball models include the option to upgrade to Electronic Team Names (ETNs) so you can feature the actual names of Guest and Home teams alongside their scores.

Control Console
Every line score baseball model includes our intuitive control console, available in configurations for either wired or wireless communications. Choose our 2.4 GHz ScoreLink RF modem kit if you need to operate your scoreboard from multiple locations or to save the time and costs associated with trenching. Alternatively, choose our burial-quality cable for hard-wired installations. In either case, you may add additional Electro-Mech scoreboard displays to your facility and always remain in perfect synchronization.

Whether you're interested in smaller auxiliary scoreboards to complement a larger display, or a scaled-down scoreboard for a facility on a tighter budget, we have a huge choice of compact baseball and softball models with a variety of features. Most of these scoreboards can also be outfitted with Electronic Team Names. All have options for ID panels and other customizations.

ID Panels
ID panels provide additional space for advertising, team mascots and slogans, facility identification, and recognition of the people and businesses that have contributed to your park. Options range from simple, static, rectangular panels, to panels with elegant curved tops, to daring truss-style open frames, to electronic displays that can have changing graphics or even live video. Additional customizations include team colors and accent striping.

To bring more people to a high school game or drive up morale at a college ballpark, athletic directors and baseball managers across the country turn to Electro-Mech. There is nothing quite like the bright lights and home colors of our baseball scoreboards to get the crowd into the seats and excited about the game. From the time the national anthem is played until the bottom of the ninth, your scoreboard will be a focal point in the park and should reflect the character of your team, of your supporters, and of the place where you play baseball. Let Electro-Mech work with you to create a scoreboard package that fits your style, your budget, and the qualities that make your baseball park special.

LX1710 Series Scoreboards

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